Piece of Mind - Safety

Here At YTA Safety comes first

- All our hire packages Receive full face protective masks.

- All weapons will be checked after each game to ensure there are no live rounds in the chamber.

- Our Safe zones truly are safe with no dry firing allowed.

- All weapons are subject to a Chronograph check to ensure all weapons are within our limits (without exception)  

- There is an on site safety brief before each days gaming.

- We are a fully insured and First Aid trained site.

Regular Skirmish days - 

- The action will start at around 10am with the first game 

- We will Tend to play 2-3 games before we break for Lunch.  

Lunch time Food, Snacks and refreshments are avalaible at all our sites.

- Ichy trigger finger during Lunch time? we got your back! at most of our game days we have a small in lunch competition.

- Lets get back to some action! the afternoon will play host to another 2-3 action packed games.  

Private Days, Corporate, Birthdays and Parties - 

- Pretty much the same as the above,  we have full hire packages available which include the rifle, full safety equipment and enough ammunition to see you through the day. 

- We can cater for parties up to 30 people.  as young as 12 years old and upto? well 76 is the oldest guest we have had so far.

Hire Packages -

- We offer two different types of hire packages, Basic and spec ops 

Basic hire package - This includes  

- A rifle

- A full face mask 

- A full days gaming 

Spec Ops Hire Package - This Includes 

- A Rifle 

- A Full face Mask

- A tactical Vest 

- 2500 BBS (enough ammunition for a full day)

- A full days gaming 

Lets Get Playing 
So What Is Airsoft?

Airsoft Is an action package adventure sport designed around military simulation 

- The games a based around team objectives and team events 

- One way people use to explain airsoft to people is that it is very much like paint ball but with many advantages

     1 - The guns are extremely realistic and can fire upto 30 rounds per second on full auto 

     2 - These weapons will shoot upto 100m accurately 

     3 - The best of all, there are no hidden costs!  2500 bbs for £10 and your game fee that is all you need for a full day of            action packaged gaming