YTA Has five different exciting sites to choose from, 

Sheffield West - Borderlands

Mortimer Road S6 6JE 

borderlands 2.jpg

This is our Flag ship site with The most impressive terrain you will ever see,  the site features a safe zone which will hold upto 120 people undercover and another 100 people outside if needed.  we have a customer charge station and fully equipped cafe and airsoft shop.  all seating areas are also fully lit for those dark winter mornings.


Our game zones,  We have a massive two story Castle equipped with its own drawbridge, flag tower and defensive bridge to the left.  The walking dead church is very impressive with its own grave yard and very spooky surroundings.  The world war II field is fully immersive and includes multi story buildings off road vehicles and even tanks!  the wild west zone gets you up close and personal in the bank, saloon and Jail buildings.

Wakefield - The Kingdom

Haugh Lane S75 4DA

The Kingdom is our biggest Airsoft site (this site is Huge!)

Situated less than a minute from junction 38 of the M1 it is extremely easy to find and with our large carpark and under cover safe zone your comfort is our priority.  The staff at this site are very experienced and have great customer focus.  we have over 9 game zones and we are constantly growing and developing this site.

kingdom castle.jpg
Kingdom Village.jpg

The 9 game zones include our brand new two story fort which includes hidden corridors and three doorways to breach, the village is full of buildings, walls and surrounded by barricades and ravines.  Next we have our stockade surrounded by rockets, huge satellites and barricades which will need defending from a 360 attack.  across the road and you will find our Blockades which is much more of the same with large structures and barricades to fight through.

The list is endless at this huge site and well worth a visit.  All YTA Prices are very competitive and full day packages start at £20.

Barnsley - The Pit

Shafton S72 8RE

This site is one of the YTA original and has grown in to a player favorite,  The kombat kitchen catering van pays us a visit at every game day to ensure the troops have hot food and drinks to go to war on.  

The Pit Sniper.jpg
The Pit Clock Tower.jpg

The Game zone,  this has grown and grown over the years into a huge village area, the brand new Clock tower and FOB finishes of a great airsoft field and not to forget the massive push back hill!!, we have our very own swamp, sniper tower and Paddock.  Oh Did i mention the church? two stories situated next to the Police station just completes the whole village.

Sheffield North - The Manor

Sheffield S75 3DQ

This site is situated just off the M1 at J36 or J35A  so extremly easy to access, there is ample parking and safe zone is undercover, whilst being the smallest of our sites this place packs a punch 

The Manor Bridge.jpg
the manor barrels.jpg

The game zone, 

the terrain from top to bottom is filled with huge bomb style craters! we have a small fort, a huge bridge with building on the hill tops, This place gets very up close and personal but at the same time has lots of cover for snipers.


We have a canteen, Charge facilities and an on site airsoft shop. 


Well worth a trip. 

Doncaster - The Pines

Bawtry DN10 6DG

Ok What do you want from an airsoft site because i am pretty sure we have got it here.  Lets start with the game zones!, A huge Castle? we got two! close quaters village? Check,  Huge bridge?, Yep

YTA Banner.jpg
YTA Image 1.jpg

Landrover, Helicopters, Tanks.... we got it all.

Now for the safezone,  how about indoors for the winter days? go on then, Cafe, Airsoft shop, Charge points, this place truly has everything.